Bringing some ‘Inspiration’ to Life Books for Foster Children

Whether many people realize it or not, there is a book somewhere in their house – or their parent’s house – that holds in its pages their history. These books, commonly called photo albums, are often pulled out at embarrassing moments to remind them of a not-so-great haircut or unfortunate fashion choices.

But these books are also a reminder of something else – something much more important.

These children were – are- loved.

For foster kids who are often shuffled from home to home across the country, there are no records of how much they grew between 1st or 2nd grade, or what Halloween costume they wore as toddlers because there are often no photo albums that travel with them to serve as a reminder.

That’s why foster parents across the country are continuously urged by caseworkers and other foster care agencies to create a Life Book for every foster child in their home. Life Books for foster children are vital; they are a chance to capture milestones and preserve meaningful events for the child in your home. They are a chance for each child to write their own story.

embrella and The Department of Children and Families (DCF) in New Jersey recognizes this.

That’s why DCF’s Local Office at Monmouth North has just launched their new Life Book Station, called Beth’s Inspiration Life Book Station, with the help of local agencies including embrella.

Above, Resource Development Specialist at DCF Donna Weinbel and other members of the Monmouth County North and Ocean County offices discuss the importance of a Life Book in the lives of foster and adoptive children.

To learn more about embrella’s Life Books, click here.

To see the story of Mateo Applegren, a former foster child who had only a few pictures of himself as a baby and has since dedicated his time to preaching the importance of Life Books to foster parents, click here.

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