Why Relatives Choose KLG Over Adoption: The Pros and Cons — Choosing What’s Best For You

Family is arguably the most important institution on the planet. Family members are the ones responsible for molding one another into productive citizens in society. They nurture and teach their children to become independent and effective so they can in turn nurture future generations and make the world a better place to live. Sometimes, however, biological parents are not the ones who raise their child. In fact, many children who are not reared by their biological parents are brought up by other members of the family or by loved ones who are close to the family. However, many relatives, when faced with permanency options, decide not to adopt. We are going to discuss why relatives choose KLG over adoption, the pros and cons and choosing what’s best for you as a kinship resource parent.

kinship-newsletterAn article written by Rob Geen called The Evolution of Kinship Care Policy and Practice suggests that relatives are the main caregivers for a large amount of children who have been displaced, and kinship resource homes have increased over the years. The definition of “kin” varies depending on the state in which you reside. Continue reading